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This online casino has been made for gamers, who play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – they can use their skins as bets in a few games. In some of them, skins should be exchanged to special coins. In others, they become a kind of casino pieces themselves.

Classic Game here is a traditional CSGO jackpot. Players add their skins to a game round, a random system chooses a winner, and he takes the bets.

Coin Flip is also quite popular in many other gaming casinos. Players can create a game proposal, choosing a coin side and betting some amount of skins on it. Others can accept this game, making an equivalent bet.

CSGO Roulette of this site has a nice-looking spinning wheel with red, black, green, and even blue sections. Game sessions happen here regularly – choose a type of sections and wait for a result. To play this roulette, deposit skins from your Steam inventory to the site and get coins for them. Use this coins for making bets.

Fast Game is very similar to csgojackpot, but only three players are allowed in one game session. They place their skins and one of them get all the fund. In Crash Game, players choose a multiplier index, betting coins – correct answers are nicely rewarded.

To get skins for won coins, click the “Market” button in the left menu, choose a skin for your money, and take it to the Steam inventory.

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This casino has many visitors from Russia (43.38%), Ukraine (43.38%), and the USA (5.05%). Their interests are in different kind of games and in shopping. 15.01% of users came to the site from social networks: YouTube (15.01%), VKontakte (17.88%), Facebook (5.00%).

Bonuses and Promotions

CSGO dep proposes its referral program – when someone uses your link or code, he becomes your referral. After his first bet, you and he get free coins.


It is quite a big casino, with interesting games and many active users. Lucky gamers can win many nice skins or buy something from the shop. CSGOdep is available in English and in Russian. There are chats for users in both the languages.

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