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Use your CS:GO skins to bet on fun games. When you win you get more skins to play with. has been around for a while though its credibility has been questioned by many. The service is geared towards people who want to place CSGO bets in exchange for their game’s skins. The deposit translates the value of your skins to a virtual currency which can then be used to bet on a variety of games like dice, crash, match betting, csgo roulette, and coin flip. - Upgrade skins Target Demographics is primarily geared towards those who are into cs go gambling and have a CSGO account. Though the service caters to a global audience. The vast majority of its 1.3 million visitors are from Russia, followed by the USA and Turkey, with 12.19%, 10.35%, and 10.06% respectively. However, as of late, the website has experienced a decline in the amount of traffic received.

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A review of a CSGObets website will be incomplete without the mention of bonuses and special promotions. Players who have just signed-up for an account can tweet a promotion and follow the company on Twitter to claim a free bonus. The bonus is between $0.5 and $0.75 in addition to a daily bonus. Additionally, all players receive $0.1 a day plus a cent for every level they achieve. So, if you’re on level 24, then you get 24 cents a day which is much more than other services.

Conclusion has an excellent, user-friendly interface which makes betting a breeze. The various game modes and the zero house edge are some of its best features. However, as mentioned above the company has lost a bit of credibility as of late one reason being inadequate support, low-quality admin and bots. We also had a problem with withdrawals and many people have reported a similar experience. Plus, it seems as though the website’s admin isn’t taking much interest in it or its customers.

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