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If you like some skins and want to get them for powerful shooting missions, use this trade bot site to get skins of your dreams in exchange for other virtual items from your Steam inventory. Or maybe, you will be self-motivated enough to accomplish lots of tasks from media sponsors, and earn money for buying skins.

The main feature of the site is exchanging skins with the bot. You will see in-game items from your inventory, shown on the left side of the screen, and skins in the bot, listed in the right one. Choose something you want to get rid of, and pick up interesting for you items for an identical total amount. In this way, you can, for example, get one rare and expensive skin in exchange for lots and lots of cheap and common.

To earn money for skins, press an appropriate link in the upper menu, then choose one of the sponsors and a task from it. Carefully read conditions of accomplishing it – sometimes this involves paying real money on a regular basis. Add earned money to your trade offer while exchanging skins.

Add the domain of this site to your Steam nickname for getting +10% to earnings from accomplishing tasks, and +2% to the value of your skins in exchanging process. The platform conducts regular giveaways.

Two of the links in the upper menu are advertisements – buy/sell keys and skins – they lead to other websites.

This service has versions on 8 languages.

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