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If you have some sufficient skins in your inventory, consider betting with them on CSGO-casino – maybe the luck will be on your side!

This gambling platform proposes two games: Jackpot and Roulette. To choose one, press the “Games” link in the upper menu on right. For the Jackpot, you can use skins directly. For the CS:GO Roulette, you should exchange skins to coins of csgocasino. Press you nickname in the upper right corner to deposit virtual items.

May the luck be with you - CSGO-Casino

The Jackpot game is a chance to win many skins. One lucky guy takes bets of all other participants of a game round. To increase your winning chances, bet many expensive skins, but mind the risk to lose them, which is always present in gambling.

As many other CS:GO Roulette websites, this service conducts game rounds regularly, choosing randomly sections of terrorists, counter-terrorists, or a very rare green section of both teams (an analog of zero). Here can be more than one winner, and their bets will be multiplied (x2 or even x14).

Winnings of the Jackpot can be transferred to your Steam account. Winnings of the Roulette can be used for buying skins on the market of CSGO casino. Then you can take them to Steam too.
The site has only an English version.

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