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Welcome to the coin flip skins site for CS:GO players – CSGO.One!

Your one stop shot for CS:GO gambling games. With a daily raffle coming soon.

One game of – Jackpot

What about getting lots of new skins to your inventory? You may become a fancy shooter with them, taking new beautiful weapons to every new match. Or sell your skins profitably on appropriate services.

CSGO.ONE - CS:GO Jackpot

One game, a jackpot, can make this gift to you – of course, if you are lucky enough. The Jackpot of CSGO one gives all bets of a game round to one winner. So, unlike CSGO roulette, where we can only multiply a total sum of your bets, this game may fill your Steam inventory with many-many items. Don’t expect all of them to be nice and rare, because often gamblers put into the pot of game rounds many cheap and common items, including CS:GO cases, which can be opened only with CS:GO keys, bought for real money.
If you bet expensive skins here or place into the pot a big number of in-game items, your winning chances become bigger. Some gamers use this feature wisely and take pots quite often. They make chances to win with a couple of simple skins really, really small, so using common items in such Jackpots is a way to lose them quickly. In this aspect, CSGOone is similar to any other gambling service with a Jackpot game.

Target Audience of

Three main countries that give lots of visitors to are Turkey (21.83%), Russia (11.85%), and Germany (9.06%). Most of these guys are interested in music, in casinos, and in online games. Lots of users (32.27%) came from social networks: YouTube (62.49%), VKontakte (26.46%), and Facebook (11.05%).

Bonuses and Promotions

To increase your winning chances on 10%, place the domain of to your Steam nickname. The site has a referral program – generate your code, share it with friends, and get $0,5 for each who will use it (referrals take the same bonus). Then you will get 1% of referrals’ wins. conducts regular giveaways with free CSGO skins.


A Jackpot game is a nice type of gambling – here, lots depend on your luckiness, but still, there are ways to influence the process, so your mind skills may help to win big. This service is an easy-to-use one, with an intuitive interface. Many active gamblers create possibilities of nice winnings on csgotry. We can expect a coin flip game coming to this platform soon. The site is available in English.

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