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CSGO Reddit – a place to talk about the game and CSGO gambling

The very idea of Reddit is to be the front page of the Internet, to reflect all the trends in the World Wide Web and collect them conveniently in one place. In fact, the project made even more than this – it became a reflection of the trends in all our civilization, the collective front page of humans’ thoughts, desires, and expectations.

That’s why, we can find on Reddit lots of information about the super popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, about an ever-intriguing world of gambling, and about the connection of them – the world of CS:GO gambling.

Universe of CS:GO

This game appeared in 2012 and since then it grew into one of the most popular competitive titles. Many gamers play only this shooter, improving their skills, growing their ranks, and literally living in the virtual world of terrorists and counter-terrorists.

After the “Arms Deal” update of 2013, CS:GO has a fantastic boost of popularity – because of adding weapons’ skins to the game. They have no influence on the game process, but they make rifles, pistols, and knives much more beautiful, really unique. Some skins cost hundreds of dollars, so chase for them has become a very attractive feature of the whole game. Many play CS:GO even not for their Esports career but just to get nice skins and earn lots of money for them.

Powerful competitive features and vast economy of the game are key factors for existing of huge CS:GO Universe.

An industry behind the skins

Getting skins in the game and selling them for real money is just a tip of an iceberg! The very idea of virtual items being valuable so much and being freely exchanged between gamers has created new phenomena, when SC:GO skins become as casino pieces and as a currency for bets on Esports.

On the one hand, it is quite a weird situation, because even underage players got a way to make bets, to gamble. On the other hand, this can be a nice opportunity for them to learn a risky and dangerous world of gambling on a safe example, without involving real money (of parents): you get skins in the game as a result of your efforts and thanks to your skills, you bet them, you win or lose, but anyway you learn this area, get experience, and become protected in the future. For grown-ups, CSGO gambling may be another one kind of exciting entertainment.

CSGO Reddit

There are different ways of getting information about CS:GO Universe. Subscribing to thematic subreddits is one of the most interesting and efficient. Thanks to Reddit CSGO we can know news about the game, and know reactions of the gaming community to them. We can read experience and opinion of many-many real gamers to discover something that no gaming site will explain properly. Of course, we can describe our experience and opinion too, become involved in creation of CS:GO area of the Internet’s front page.

CSGO betting Reddit

Not only game updates and CS:GO tricks are highlighted on Reddit! Area of betting with skins is quite popular here too. Gamblers can collect information about teams and players, to make profitable bets on future Esports matches. Reddit CSGO betting allows us finding new ways of gambling, learning new games and their rules, discovering some hidden features of this industry. Of course, it can’t be a substitute for the service of, because everyone is able to write on Reddit, so the reliability of information here is not always perfect. gives objective analysis, whilst the information on Reddit is provided by users, so it reflects their subjective opinion.

Reddit CSGO trading

Reddit can be a source of nice skin deals, because some gamers use this site for their advertisements. Maybe, you can find a Reddit CSGO trade that you looked for and couldn’t find. Or maybe you even don’t expect them existing.
Many giveaways from different sites are listed on Reddit. Getting these posts and sharing them from your account will help you to get free skins. Reddit CSGO Giveaways posts are similar to those on other social networks, like Twitter.

Interesting CS:GO subreddits

  • GlobalOffensive – the subreddit is mostly about Esports, news about teams and tournaments. It’s a nice source of information for those, who want to be a pro in CS:GO betting.
  • CSGO – this is a subreddit with common information about the game.
  • CSGObetting – you will find here lists of matches and discussions of bets on different teams.
  • CSGOcompetitive – this subreddit is made for creating teams, for inviting managers and trainers, for organizing training sessions. It is still quite active, but we expect many gamers using strictly Esports platforms, such as DreamTeam, for the same purpose in the nearest future.
  • GlobalOffensiveTrade – a place for CS:GO trades. Users here can sort advertisements by different parameters.
  • CSGO_Trading – it’s a collection of CS:GO trade proposals.
  • RandomActsofCSGO – you will find here posts about different CSGO Giveaways.
  • CSGO Gambling – it is a topic in the Gambling subreddit with reviews of reliable CS:GO gambling sites.


Of course, CS:GO Reddit is not limited to this list, and you can find interesting information even in not the most popular subreddits. It is worth to remember that we all can be creators on this web-site, sharing our knowledge. Reddit reflects trends of the Internet, but in fact, they don’t exist by themselves, and we, humans, create trends.

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