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This is another case opening website that deals with CS:GO skins. It allows users to pay money for opening a crate and then getting a random item, which that specific box might contain. CSGO-Skins does not have the greatest look of all time but worse designs have been seen. When getting to know whether or not a site is legit, there are some key factors to look out for, as well as many minor things.

One of the first things that comes to my mind when visiting this specific unboxing service is the game type. For some reason most scams sites aren’t roulette, crash or match betting but these CS:GO in game opening inspired websites that are the most common ones to scam. The typical fake service will consist of a poor design or maybe even directly copied from the internet, extremely great bonus systems and last but not least a requirement for you to withdraw items.

Their way of lurking people to deposit is honestly quite simple. Let them win loads of expensive free stuff and simply ask them to deposit, let’s say $5, in order to withdraw. You will never receive any winnings but your wallet is now worth 5 dollars less and you have one happy owner. Unfortunately, this is hard to avoid but for your own safety, best advice is to use the most popular platforms as there is most likely a reason behind their popularity.

CSGO-Skins does live up to some of the criteria as it is a must to deposit before withdrawing but not in such manner as usually seen. The bonuses are not too bad but neither too great to be true and you will only have to deposit 45 cents which is a very small sum compared to the common scams.

Not that much have been said about their service on the internet, not that many forums, chats etc. but they tend to be rather positive. While a few claims it is a completely rigged, most tend to say that they offer a decent and legit service. A YouTuber claimed in his video, that he does not recommend users to play on the platform for a variety of reasons. First and foremost he was a bit shocked by the stuff they wanted from him in order to sponsor his video. He was told to say the service was legit, super nice and to use his promo code. It is up to you to decide whether or not that is morally correct to pay him to say such things but in my opinion, it does not strengthen their reputation that is for sure.

One good thing is that users can make their own cases and share them with other players. This tells me that they are not just running a closed system with fixed odds but are somewhat legit at the very least. Another good thing is the ability to check the winner’s Steam profiles. They have this live drop bar where all the winnings are shown. It is possible to click on these accounts and from there get redirected to Steam. This is a great feature as it lets you check whether they get the drops or if it is a total scam.

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