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Welcome to the lucky wheel skins site for CS:GO players – CSGO-Spinner!

Spin for skins, or play one of the many other games available, on this minimalist but a popular website.

Spin the wheel of your luck on

This site proposes to concentrate on the core of gambling, not on a surrounding atmosphere. Here, we have a simple, minimalistic design, which can be described even as plain and non-beautiful. Still, the games of csgo-spinner are just functional, quite appropriate for efficient gambling.

The main game of this platform is a wheel of luck – so, this is a kind of CSGO roulette websites. Players make bets on three colors: red and blue with the same winning chances and identical rewards, or green with huge multiply rate but a very small chance to win.

Another one game of CSGO spinner is called 1v1, but in fact, it is a classic coinflip game. It can be chosen from the upper menu. Some players indicate a side of virtual coins (terrorist or counter-terrorists), and other accept their game proposals, making appropriate bets on opposite coin sides.

csgo spinner

The link to Jackpot from the upper menu leads gamers to another site – Players deposit their skins, and one of them takes the pot.

To gamble on csgo-spinner, we should deposit CS:GO skins and get special points of the service. They also can be earned in the Free Points section – different CSGO spinner sites, or rather external sponsors, give here tasks to accomplish and reward gamers with points. Some of these tasks are quite tricky and contain hidden payments, so better be careful and read conditions attentively.

There are two ways to withdraw your winnings: to exchange points on a skin of your choice in the Withdraw section, or to open CS:GO cases and hope for a nice random drop. Gotten skins can be transferred to the Steam inventory.

Target Audience of

The bigger audience for the project is from Lithuania. More detailed statistics is not available because of a small number of visitors. Some users (22.77%) came to csgo-spinner from social networks: YouTube (89.63%), VKontakte (8.77%), and Facebook (1.61%).

Bonuses and Promotions

The site gives 20 free points for those who vote for the resource – the link for this is in the footer of the Free points page. Visit the Settings section (from the drop-down menu near your nickname) to participate in the referral program. Your CSGO spinner codes give free points to every who uses them. You get 5% from deposits of your referrals.


From the point of view of gambling effectiveness, this project is just a super nice – make bets and hope to win. The same can’t be said about aesthetic of the platform, which reminds ancient websites from the beginning of the Internet era. Withdrawing rewards in the form of case opening is gambling itself, which of course has a risks – to exchange nice items to cheap trash. The platform is available only in English.

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