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This service proposes to discover lots of information about Steam inventories. Enter a Steam ID or nickname into the special bar on csgobackpack, and the system will show skins statistics of this account, such as a price of every item, what this CSGO inventory worth. Also, you can see friends of this Steam user. - CSGO Inventory Value

CSGO backpack has two more sections. This is Items Database, where you can check available skins for every weapon in the game. A detailed sorting system will help to find a particular item. Another one section is Lounge Bet History, where you can see information about activity on the site csgolounge.

The platform is a nice destination for curious gamers, which want to know Steam inventory value of different gamers or to acknowledge weapons, available in CS:GO.

Steam is full of traders and players who would like and treasure their loot and skins. Almost every day thousands of players trade their stuff.  If you want to start trading, one the most important thing is to know the price of your loot and skins.

The Steam trade market is not the best way for checking the price. Usually prices there are very inflated, so comparing prices there while trading is not the very good business.

Also, traders using the plugins in web browser. It is a good way, but while using it, you should warn yourself against scummers. There are a lot of scum plugins, which stoles your browser cash, passwords etc. So there is a possibility not only to lose your steam inventory, you could lose your steam account too.

The exit is sites which offering you to check your inventory value, such as

Csgobackpack is the site where you can discover your csgo inventory worth. There you can check the price of your whole loot or individual skin.

Site offers to check and give a price your inventory in different currencies – from USD to JPY.

Who to check your steam inventory value?

On the top of the site you can find a window where you should put your steam id. The steam id you can find in your steam account options. Then you just pressing for a ‘search button’ and get the price statistic. The site evaluates itself on the basis of the prices that are given by the largest trading Internet sites.

Be careful, check the correctness of entering the link, do not click on the links that you got from unknown users and try not to give your Steam id.

Good luck and have a nice trades!

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