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A marketplace and a gambling site –

A collection of projects that focus on bringing fresh ideas to CS: GO. Free skins available.

This is a CS:GO marketplace with a possibility to gamble and to get internal currency of csgobankbot, named credits, by accomplishing tasks from sponsors.

Gambling site -

Log in with your Steam account. To get credits, deposit your skins – there is an appropriate button in the left menu. Your Steam inventory will be opened, so you will be able to choose in-game items and to exchange them to credits.

This currency of Socius Gaming can be used for buying new skins. Also, it allows participating in a simple game – players make bets, the sum of their credits determines the chance of winning, and then the random system chooses one guy, who takes all the money.

For getting more credits, click the Earn button. The page with sponsors’ proposals will be opened. There are sections for different agencies – check them in the upper menu. You’ll find quite simple tasks – for example, to install a game on your mobile device, to accomplish surveys, or just to keep one web-page running in a browser.

Target Audience of

The CSGO bank bot has many visitors from Brazil (14.04%), Turkey (12.85%), and Poland (7.87%). From social networks came 39.6% of users, 94.04% were on YouTube, and 5.23% – on Facebook. They are interested mostly in games and education.

Bonuses and Promotions

The site proposes an affiliative program – everyone, who uses your referral link, brings 5 credits. If you put to your Steam nickname, the CSGO trade bot system will plus 1% to the cost of items sold by you.


CSGO bank bot is small as a marketplace – there are not so many items for buying with credits. Also, the site is small as a gaming casino – only one game with not so many players is available here.

Games available
Available bonuses
Add "" anywhere in your username and you will receive an additional 1% for all items you sell to the CSGO Bank Bot store.
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