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Code for free Credits/Coins
Use top100-list for $0.15 free balance – a site for CS:GO players with the gambling spirit

Deposit your skin, exchanging them to credits, and use this internal currency for participating in different games – are you lucky enough to win a roulette round, 1 on 1 coinflip, or even a session of Raffle?

The csgo roulette here is unusual – you make bets on a type of items. Choose a knife, pistol, or rifle and wait for the result. Rounds happen every 30 seconds.

CSGOBIG - Coinflip Mini-game

In the csgo coin flip section, players can create their proposals, putting skins as a bet and choosing a side of the coin, or join an existing game and make an equivalent bet. There also are Jackpots with sets of items, Raffle with super nice skins, and Mystery Boxes of different values, which are similar to usual CS:GO cases.

The site csgobig has a marketplace of skins as well.

Target Audience of csgobig

The rules of this site prohibit using it for residents of the USA and the UK and those who are younger 18 years. But the most of the players are from The United Stated nevertheless (19.14%), followed by Russia (13.08%), and Germany (9.54%). Visitors are interested in the game industry, the Internet, and entertainment.

Bonuses and Promotions

The site proposes Referral Program and gives a small percent in the form of Rewards Token for using their domain in your account name. Also, CS GO big makes weekly Credit Giveaway with a $100 reward.


It’s a nice CS:GO casino with a bit expanded set of games, many features, and lots of active users. It may confuse a bit when after clicking on some of the links you find yourself on a totally different site (“earn credits”, “need skins?”). The chat and the whole site is available only in English.

Available bonuses
Giveaways; Spin every 25 hours Daily Wheel and take price
Overall rating
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