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Virtual items of CS:GO may become a kind of casino pieces on this gambling site. Here you may try your luck in Roulette, Jackpot, or Coinflip.

The main game on this platform is Coinpot, a kind of Jackpot – instead of skins, gamblers bet coins here. Bigger bets give higher chances to win the whole pot.


A roulette of csgobigwin is named Double. The rules are quite classic. Make bets with coins on red, black, or green sections. A random system chooses winning colors, so players may double or x14 their bets. Will it be your CSGO win? You never know unless you try! Of course, you should be ready to lose your bets – gambling always is a risky business.

Coinflip 1v1 is a game, where you can choose a coin side, bet on it, and then wait for an opponent to see a random result – winners get everything. Another one option is to accept someone’s game offer.
The link from the upper menu “Case Opening” leads to another site with skins for PUBG. It will be better to check the list of CS:GO case opening services in this category of CSGOroute.

To gamble on this service, deposit skins from your Steam inventory. They will be automatically exchanged to internal coins. Free coins of csgo.big can be gotten by using and sharing referral links, by visiting a special income page daily, or by participating in the live chat, where a bot gives prizes to random users every hour. To withdraw winnings, buy skins from a bot. It’s impossible to withdraw anything from this site without depositing, and users must bet 80% of their deposits.

Skins gambling is a nice usage for many of these virtual items, because skins are totally cosmetic, almost like changing CS GO FPS to make a better image on your display, but also with an option to be seeing by other players.

The service is available only in English.

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