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Roulette is one of the most popular games in casinos – including gambling sites, which accept CSGO skins as bets. CSGObrawl will be one of such services. Place skins on a section, and wait when a random system of chooses a winning color.

Various gambling of

This site has quite an ascetic design – maybe, to not distract players by bright pictures and let them concentrate on the gambling process. At the same time, we have here a very nice collection of games, so will have an excellent choice of where to bet our skins. These games are: two types of Jackpot, CSGO Roulette, Minesweeper, Battleship, and Coinflip.
The Jackpot games of are named brawl and mini. They differ from each other by some rules, which describe the minimum of bet value and the acceptable maximum of contributions. Brawl is nice for betting rather expensive skins and getting such items in rewards. Mini is a so-called Jackpot for poor, where we can bet cheap skins – of course, potential rewards will be of the same kind. In both games, players put their skins into the pot, a random system chooses a winner, and he gets all the bets minus a fee of the service.
The next game is quite similar to one on the other CSGO roulette websites: game rounds happen regularly, gamblers make bets on red, black, or green sections, winners double their bets or even get x14 of them (in case of very rare green section winnings).

In minesweeper, you may choose a number of bombs and then try to open as many sections on a virtual field as possible, without stepping on a bomb.

Battleship and coinflip are one-on-one games. A gamer creates his game proposal, and other can accept it to try their luck. In battleship, we place a few ships, then try to destroy ships of an opponent. In coinflip, we choose a side of a coin, then watch how a random system chooses one (terrorists or counter-terrorists). A winner of the game round takes skins of his opponent.
To play on this service, you should deposit skins. For some games, we use virtual items directly. For others, we should manually exchange skins to Brawl Point, an internal currency of the CSGObrawl service, and then use it in games. Won points help to buy skins in the shop. Virtual items can be withdrawn to your Steam inventory.

Target Audience of

This site has a big audience in Russia (11.90% of users), Turkey (9.95%), and Brazil (8.60%). Visitors to CS GO brawl are interested in different kinds of games and in gambling. 6.7% of them came from social networks: YouTube (94.54%), VKontake (2.83%), and Facebook (1.23%).

Bonuses and Promotions

Players can get addition Brawl Point and then take free CSGO skins for them. An affiliative program of CSGO brawl gives up to 30 BP for every invited referral and 3% from their bets. Also, you can get a referral code to get free points on your account.


Gamers can find in this platform their only place for gambling – many different games give a nice opportunity to multiply skins in Steam inventories. Even cheap skins will be useful on csgobrawl! The site has a minimalistic style, which looks nice, harmoniously. The service is available in English. It has an English chat.

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