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Welcome to the crash skins site for CS:GO players – CSGODerby!

Combine your two favourite things with CS: GO derby where you can win CS: GO skins through virtual horse racing.

CSGO Derby Join Win CSGO skins on Derby Roulette Crash

CS:GO gambling and horse racing on one site –

There were times when people made bets on horse racing. Nowadays, the very idea of making animals run to the state of exhaustion seems to be just cruel. But the spirit of those challenges may be quite exciting – and we can feel it on such projects as csgoderby. This platform proposes a few popular games for CS:GO gambling, and all of them, as well as the design of the whole site, has been made in the style of horse racing and bets on them.

To gamble on this site, deposit skins from your Steam inventory. They will be converted to the internal currency of CSGO derby, named credits.

In the Roulette game here, we choose one of the horses, marked in different colors. A random system chooses a winner, and everyone who made bets on this color gets their credits multiplied.
The Crash game shows a virtual guy riding a horse. While he rides, the multiply index grows. At a random moment, the rider falls from the horse – if you have predicted on which index this happens, you get multiplied credits of your bet.

Visit the Withdraw section to buy skins for won credits and transfer them to your inventory.

The csgoderby site proposes a way of earning credits for gambling – complete surveys on the special section. Different tasks here are provided by sponsors of the project and they may include paying real money.

Also, gamblers can get free credits through the affiliative program of CSGO derby – by using someone’s referral code and by sharing their codes.

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