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CSGOexclusive roulette website with a spam free chat system. Simple, and provably fair. Play using virtual coins, with no monetary value. You can send other players coins.

CSGO Exclusive is perhaps one of the many gambling or lottery sites centered around the game. However, the premise here is quite simple. When visiting the website, you’re greeted by what looks to be a giant roulette wheel. You bet a certain number of points which you get via CSGO skins residing in one of the other boxes of the wheel. Players have the option of multiplying the value of their bet by 2x,3x,5x, and 50x. Winners can redeem the points they earned in the form of CSGO Skins.

Who is the site’s target audience?

The target audience is perhaps anyone searching for csgo free skins or coins. A look into the website’s statics shows that the majority of traffic originates from Russia (20.50%). However, it attracts CS:GO players from other countries like Turkey, Brazil, and Ukraine which make up around 16%, 7.24% and 5.37% of the traffic respectively.

Bonus offers and credits

Players can get 1000 free coins by wagering at least 50,000 test coins. Plus, you can also get 100 bonus coins if you choose to enable notifications from the platform.


One of the best things about csgoexclusive is that withdrawal and deposits are very easy. You just need to make sure that your Stream profile is set to ‘public.’ We also liked the fact that their social media accounts keep people up to date with the latest news and promotions. However, one of the major drawbacks is its slow customer service. Not having a live chat window means that the only way to get a hold of support is via email. The other drawback is that players from the United States and the UK have to mask their IP addresses because the website bans visitors from these IPs.

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