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“Plant” your skins in a pot to “grow” an outstanding inventory –

This gambling site contains only one game – CSGO Jackpot. Every participant of a round puts their skins into one pot, a random system chooses a winner, who takes all the bets to his inventory.
First, you should log in to CSGOfunpot through your Steam account and set up your Trade URL to have the possibility to deposit and withdraw skins.

One of the nice features of this service is a limitation for a minimum bet, which is $0.5 (the site automatically sets prices for deposited skins). This means, here we have no too cheap skins in the pot. An acceptable max of skins number is 15.

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Like all other similar gambling sites, CSGO pot gives different winning chances to participants of a Jackpot round – this depends on the total price of your skins. Gamblers get one ticket for $0,1. The more tickets you have, the bigger your chances to win become.

The service CSGO fun pot takes a fee from every Jackpot round, so winners get a bit fewer skins than were in the pot. To get won skins, you need just to accept the trade offer from the bot.

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Many visitors to this site are from Poland. More detailed statistics are unavailable due to small traffic. Users of csgofunpot are interested in autos, online gaming, entertainment, and adult videos. Only 0,12% of them came from social networks (Facebook).

Bonuses and Promotions

Users can decrease on 3% the fee to their potential winnings by adding the domain of the service to their Steam nickname.


It is a specialized site with only one available game – Jackpot. This means fewer distractions for users but also this means fewer choice for gambling (the same as on specialized csgoblackjack websites). So, if you look only for CSGO Jackpot, can be a site for you. Check the History section to see previous winnings. This gambling platform is available only in English.

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