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CSGOGem Review. Welcome to the upgrade skins site for CS:GO players – CSGOGem!

One of the hallmarks of CSGOGem’s website is its user interface. Just about anyone can understand how to upgrade their csgo skins. Players are presented with two boxes to the right and left of the screen. They can then choose the weapons they want to upgrade, which goes to the box on the left, and hit the multiplier. The system then randomly picks a weapon of the price that’s ‘x’ times the price of what you put into the box. Players have the option of choosing from 1.5x to 20x which means twenty times the price of the item that they want to upgrade.

Csgogem - skins upgrades

Now it’s important to realize that you won’t always win. If the upgrade fails, then you’ll lose the item added to the box for upgrade. Players can also choose the weapon they want to upgrade to in which case selecting the multiplier is not needed.

Pros of CSGOGem:

  • Upgrade at random to any item
  • Upgrade to a specific weapon
  • Easy user interface

Cons of CSGOGem:

  • The community of users is still small
  • You can end up losing many skins before winning any
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