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Use top100-list for free coins – a place where money and skins open CS:GO cases

This site proposes opening CS:GO cases with real money or with deposited skins. This process is like a roulette game – you never know what will fall out. Also, CSGOhappy has a gambling section Classic Game. Here you can win nice skins for small money – of course, the bigger bet you make, the higher winning chances you get.

Some of the cases on the site are quite cheap and the items in them are not rare at all. Others contain super nice skins, such as shiny new knives, but they are expensive. Very interesting proposals of cs go happy are gathered in the top section of Exclusive Cases.

CSGOHappy - roulette, betting

The deposit of skins is provided by a third-party service Among others external link on csgo happy, you can find “bets” that leads to a platform of betting on CS:GO and DOTA 2 matches (

Target Audience of

This site is totally aimed at Russian speaking players, so most of its visitors are from Russia (63.70%), Ukraine (14.91%), and Belarus (3.88%). Among social networks, they prefer using YouTube (50.71%) and VK (40.95%). Users of csgo-happy are interested in the Internet technology, in marketing and business, in online communications.

Bonuses and Promotions

Visit a special section of bonus proposals – they are changing daily. For instance, you can earn additional percent on deposited funds, or get guarantee prizes for the fulfillment of certain conditions.


The first impression of as a usual skins shop is mistaken – so many additional services are tangled here! Sometimes this may cause confusion when you find yourself on a different site and see no links to the original platform. The site is available only in Russian and everything here is adapted to specifics of this cultural environment.

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