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Free skins from – are they free cheese in a mousetrap?

Open CS:GO cases for free, by earning points by completing surveys.

This site gives bonus points for accomplishing different tasks. After collecting some amount of them, you can get a random skin from a case of your choice. Points of csgolet can be bought for real money too.

Free CSGO skins - Case Opening

Different services provide offers and surveys for earning points – they are listed in the special section of csgo let. Many of them are connected to watching an online video, to registration on some sites, to installing applications and performing some activity there.

Earned points can give you free csgo skins! Check all the trade proposals on the main page. All of them are free csgo cases – you choose just a type and then watch, what the random choice gives you from available items.

Target Audience of csgolet

Most of the visitors of this service are from Turkey (11.79%), the United States (10.26), and Slovakia (6.87). They are rather young people, which have lots of spare time and lack of money. Their popular interests are games and photography.

Bonuses and Promotions

If you invite people to, it will give you bonus points – 50% from your referrals’ earnings. Sometimes the site makes sales with extra bonuses for buying large amounts of points.


You should be very careful because many of tasks lead to taking money from your phone – this is not a csgolet glitch but a condition of getting points. So, if you are asked to enter your phone number for playing a game, look for a text about future daily payments. And even if there are no such fees, you will need to spend lots of time on tasks. The site supports only English, but tasks often are explained in a language of your country.

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