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“Magic” upgrades of CS:GO skins on

A cute cartoony style website that allows you upgrade your skins. Your new skin will be better, but how much better?

This site proposes a very unusual way to exchange a CS:GO skin to a more expensive one – the process is called an Upgrade here. You choose skins and then click a special button to activate the magic of transformation. If you’re lucky, the item will be replaced with something better. But also, CSGOpotion contains other results – the skin can be unchanged, or even destroyed (taken from you by the site). It is worth to remember, that gambling is a risky business. There are lots of chances to remain with no skins at all, because casinos are always winning.

CS GO potion proposes to choose “potions” with different effects on the cs go upgrade process. The variants are placed above the action button – click them and watch changes in the probable final. There you will see a percentage of success and the exact skin you can get.

During the upgrade, you can use helpful bonuses from the special menu.

Target Audience of

Many of visitors to CSGO potion are from Poland (26.22%), Brazil (20.01%), and Turkey (15.67%). They are interested in gaming, csgo gambling, entertainment, and business. Really a lot of them were on social networks (35.64%) – YouTube (90.37%), Facebook (4.52%), VKonakte (4.52%).

Bonuses and Promotions

The site conducts Giveaways, dedicated to holidays, such as Halloween. The more items you upgrade, the bigger your chances of getting a nice skin become. For inviting new users, you will get 5% from all their updates. Then this bonus can be exchanged to skins. Referrals will be rewarded with free CSGO skins.


It’s a colorful site with a fun spirit. Using it makes feelings of playing a nice game with the chance to get revenue from the very process. The site is available only in English.

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