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Csgostash Review. – a convenient catalog of CS:GO skins

Buy anything on CS:GO stash, you can even compare it real time to the steam market place, so you know you are getting the best deal.

This site contains information about all the skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There is a sorting system in the upper menu – to check different skins of one weapon type, choose: pistols, rifles, knives, etc. Cases can be chosen here too and their content will be shown on the site. Gamers will see information about the rarity of cases and their prices. CS:GO collections, stickers, keys and other items are also described here.

CSGO Stash - Browse all skins, stickers and items

Scrolling this CS:GO catalog, you may click a weapon’s name or a type to see all the other such items. There is a list of the recent newcomers among the weapons of CS:GO in the bottom of the site.

On the pages of particular weapons, CSGO stash shows prices in different marketplaces and other features of skins, available for buying on Steam and Bitskins. You can choose conditions of StarTrack, different wear of the item. There are images and even 3D views of weapons. Clicks on the prices will lead you to the market.

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This is quite a popular site with more than 7M of monthly visitors. Many of them are from the United States (15.68%), Germany (7.67%), and the UK (6.05%). There are games and business among their interests. Only 2.73% of users came to CS GO stash from social networks.

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The site is just encyclopedic, so unlike CSGO blackjack websites, it has no bonuses or promotions at all.


It’s a super nice source of information about CSGO skins. Even pro-gamers may find it useful – you will know which weapon styles exist, what can become a part of your arsenal. The service is available only in English, but the prices can be converted to many currencies.

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