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This site has quite a collection of games – we can make bets in a Roulette, in three types of Jackpot, in Ghost Duels, and in Coin Flip.

This is a gaming casino, so users can deposit skins to bet directly with them or to exchange virtual items to special coins of the platform. To do so, log in to with your Steam account and set Trade URL. The “Deposit” link is in the drop-down menu under your nickname. It’s impossible to deposit very cheap CS:GO skins here – the value must be more than $0,50.

Csgotroop - CSGO Roulette

The main game of this site is CSGO roulette. Make bets with coins on red or black sections and get doubled sums in case of winning. Or maybe you feel super lucky? So, risk with a very rare green zero that gives x14 of bets

CSGO Jackpot here is divided into three games: two with skins and one with coins. Skins Jackpots are named Big (a minimum bet can be worth of 100 coins) and Mini (a minimum bet – 10 coins). The Coin Jackpot has the same rules as the Mini has. One participant of a game round, chosen randomly, takes all the bets. Will you be so lucky?

CSGO Coin Flip and Ghost Duel are similar to each other – gamblers make equivalent bets and a random system chooses a winner. In Ghost Duel, we can use skins, whilst in Coin Flip, only coins are acceptable.
Coins of this gambling platform can be bought for real money. To withdraw your winnings, buy CS:GO skins on the internal market and then transfer them to your inventory.

The service conducts regular Giveaways on its social networks and proposes to participate in its affiliative program with free coins as a reward. The site interface has only an English version.

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