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Welcome to the upgrade skins site for CS:GO players – CSGOupgrader!

CSGOupgrader offers players an incentive to upgrade their weapons and skins on the website with a $0.50 bonus after the first upgrade. Additionally, you can also qualify for up to a 6% bonus. Players can choose the weapons they want to upgrade. Then select the multiplier. So, you can upgrade to 10x the value of the skin you choose. If luck is on your side, the upgraded skin is yours, but if not you’ll lose the skin you put up for the trade. - Upgrade your skins!

The one point worth noting is that the higher your multiplier is, the lower your chance of upgrading. That said it’s a weapons gambling website which offers a great way to do something useful with old weapons.

Pros of CSGOupgrader:

  • Upgrade old weapons in seconds
  • Interface is easy to use
  • You can potentially win 10x the value of your current weapon

Cons of CSGOupgrader:

  • Just one way to gamble your skin
  • The music on the website is obnoxious
Games available
Available bonuses
a $0.50 cent bonus for your first successful upgrade. Also get up to a 6% bonus
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