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Play a cool game, trade skins, and create cases on DrakeMoon

If you were filling CS:GO cases, what would you put there? With the drakemoon service, you can really do this, making your own cases and getting a percent from selling them. And of course, you can buy cases, created by others.

Also, drake moon proposes skins selling and exchanging services. Create your proposals and wait for customers. Or check the available items and get anything you like. Real money and skins from your inventory can be used for buying on the site – deposit them before transactions.

DrakeMoon Site

All the cases have a unique spirit, based on the internal game Moon Wars – you will see unusual creatures near them. This Moon Wars game makes the site very special. It contains battles on small maps. Players have teams of heroes and try to destroy opponents’ constructions. It’s like drakemoon CSGO with a kind of DOTA 2 spirit.

Target Audience of

The most of the visitors are from Turkey (12.53%), Poland (11.39%), and Brazil (8.12%). They use YouTube (83.88%) and Facebook (10.68%). Video games, the Internet technology, and gambling are their main interests.

Bonuses and Promotions on DrakeMoon

You can get quite a lot of free diamonds by visiting the Moon Wars game daily and opening special cases there. The same happens time after time in the special section of the site. A number of these diamonds determines players’ rankings in competitions and their prizes in the form of free skins. There also is an affiliate program – give people drakemoon promo codes to get free coins and bonus percent.


It is quite an unusual site for trading skins and opening cases – thanks to Moon Wars. Drakemoon supports 7 languages, but this doesn’t affect the game, which is available only in English.

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