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GG.Bet Esports Betting Review

Esports enthusiasts and former professional players created with Esports fans in mind. It started in 2016 and is partnered with some of the most famous Esports teams. This is a Esports review so sit back and relax while we take you through the best and worst parts of this website. has many different exciting new features which you won’t find on many other betting websites. This is because Esports professionals created it for Esports enthusiasts, and when you know what someone likes you tailor your website to that.

While Bet365 created their Esports section to add onto their already established sports gambling website, the creators of obviously were (or are gamers). This is immediately obvious when you get on the website.

As previously mentioned, was created by Esports enthusiasts and former professional players. Their goal is to create a platform that makes it easy and efficient for people to bet on their favourite Esports.

One of their more innovative projects is the ability for you to support your favourite teams. Let’s say that you’re a big TSM fan and you put £10 on TSM to win the world championships in 2017 (currently at 67/1.) This would net you a profit of £660.

This is great for you, but it’s also great for TSM as would pay out 1% of your winnings to TSM. You’re not only supporting TSM by placing a bet on them and shouting at your computer screen anymore. You’re now supporting them indirectly by helping with their finances. Esports Review – Ratings

Games on offer5/5 – offers odds on practically any game you’d want to bet on. If a new game comes out you can bet your bottom dollar (mind the pun) that they’ll be releasing odds on that game, if the pro scene develops.

Ease of use4.5/5 – The site is very well made. They have a fantastic resource of information on things that will help you when you’re thinking who to bet on.

Customer Service5/5 – Their customer service is available 24/7. They have an email address but they also have live chat support. I did a quick test to see what they’re like and they’re human operated support systems. This is very important to any Esports site. They are active on Reddit and other social media platforms to answer complaints.

Deposit Methods 5/5 – They have 62 different deposit methods. If this isn’t enough for you then you’re probably doing something wrong. Paypal isn’t available right now, but they’re adding it as soon as possible.

Withdrawal Methods/times 4.5/5 – For an amount that is under $1000 the withdrawal will take less than 2 days. Unfortunately, this isn’t instant so we’ve marked them down accordingly. For amounts greater than $1000 the wait is even longer.

Overall Score – 4.9/5

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