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This site proposes to get free CSGO skins. Users watch videos and earn special coins. This internal currency can be exchanged for virtual items. is similar to many other services, where gamers can get credits and skins for accomplishing different tasks, such as installing a game and reaching a particular level in it. Still, this site has differences – here we have only video tasks and sometimes short surveys. Choose one of them and watch specified time. Even three video streams are available for one account on different devices at the same time.

A small number of advertisers is even a good feature, because users have only proved ways of getting coins, without tricky conditions that make them lose real money. Watching videos is one of the simplest tasks on all such sites, and here we have only it.

The service is available not for all countries. In some places of our planet, people just can’t use gitcoin.

Of course, for collecting any significant amount of coins, gamers should spend lots of time on videos.

To withdraw these earnings, click the “Marketplace” button in the upper left menu. Here you will find a collection of skins. Choose anything for a sum on your account and transfer the item to your Steam inventory – for this, we can call the site skins gg.

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Because of the restriction for some countries, the site has their users mostly in the USA (46.28%), Canada (7.43%), and the United Kingdom (6.87%). They are interested in cars, entertainments, TV, and online games. 20.58% of visitors came to the site from social networks: YouTube (74.29%), Reddit (13.26%), Twitter (11.38%).

Bonuses and Promotions

There are no extra motivations for gamers to use this site. Probably, the developers think that getting free skins – is a motivation itself.


It’s a really nice example of free CSGO skins websites – gamers don’t even have to risk during gambling and can just watch videos or even left them playing. But you should be realistic about your expectations! Nice skins may be gotten only after long, very long hours. For many people, playing the game is much more efficient way of using time. The service is available only in English.

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