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Jackpot of, where knives can be met rarely…

This site conducts regular rounds of a Jackpot with CS:GO virtual items – many players put their skins, cases, and keys to one pot, a random-based system chooses one winner, who takes everything to his Steam inventory. The Knife Skins platform takes one skin from each round as a fee for its service. - CSGO Gambling Service

To increase your winning chances, make bets with expensive skins. Every $0,01 in skins cost gives you one ticket. The more tickets you have, the higher possibility of getting the pot becomes. The game here is a so-called Jackpot for poor – even very cheap skins can be used here, because the accepted minimum of a bet is up to 20 skins with the price at least $0,10. On one hand, it is a nice news for those who have lots of such items. On the other, it is a warning for many gamblers – you can get lots of common items, such as dozens of CS:GO cases, so winning may not be super exciting.

For gambling on the Knife Skin site, log in here with your Steam account and set your Trade URL. Then deposit CS:GO skins directly to a game round. After reaching 125 items in the pot, a countdown begins working for the game to start.

There are no many active users on To attract new gamers, the platform proposes a partnership program, paying small percent from wins of invited people. The service works only in English.

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