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Welcome to Match Betting Page of

A place to hopefully find all the resources you’ll ever need to become a new Match Bettor and make some money placing calculated bets. If you are new to Match Betting or have never even heard of it before, we hope to provide you with a clear understanding of what it is, how it works and how you can make money from it!

Match Betting is NOT GAMBLING, whilst there are some risks involved, mainly down to your own competency, if you stick to the rules, there is NO GAMBLING, like casino sites!

Check out Bet Types for Match Betting:

  1. Qualifying Bets;
  2. Stake Returned Bets;
  3. Stake Not Returned Bets;
  4. Returned On Lose Bets;
  5. Multiples Bets

What is Match Betting?

Match betting is very simply a way of making money out of the difference in odds on various sporting events. This may be a Football Match, Tennis Match or even a Horse Race, to name a few.

How does match betting work?!

Well lets consider a simple bet first. For the purposes of this example, we will imagine a football match between Scotland and England.

In a bet there are always two sides:

1) The Punter (person making the bet, this is effectively you)
2) The Bookmaker (the person who takes the bet)

Now if you believe that Scotland will beat England you wish to place a bet on Scotland to win. This is also known as “backing” Scotland. You are placing a “back” bet.

In order to place this bet you need someone else ie. the Bookmaker, to “lay” out some odds for you to make your bet on, for example, 3/1. This would mean that if Scotland win, for every pound you bet, you will win £3. Plus your original stake (bet).

If you bet a pound and Scotland do indeed win, you will receive £4 back from the Bookmaker. Your £3 winnings, plus your original stake.

So we now know that there is always two people involved in a bet:

The Bookmaker – The person who “lays” out their odds for each bet and accepts the bet on them. A “lay” bet.
The Punter – The one who is placing the bet. A bet which is called a “back” bet.

So what is a Match Bet…

Okay now that we know what a simple bet is, what is match betting….

We all know that there are hundreds of bookmakers out there and that they will provide us the chance to bet on a variety of sports.

What you possibly didn’t know is that almost all of these bookmakers will offer you “free” money to sign up with them. The only catch is that you will probably need to bet this money, but that’s ok!

Let’s say that you place your free bet with the bookmaker. If your bet wins, then great you have made some money, but if your bet loses you have made nothing (this would be gambling, albeit with a free bet!).


What if we could place our bet with the bookmaker using their free money and then act like a bookmaker ourselves, taking someone else’s money on exactly the same bet. That would mean that we were no longer gambling, if our bet loses, it’s ok as we make our money back from the people who placed their own bets with ourselves. If our bet wins however, we need to give our winnings to the people with whom we acted as bookmaker and who placed their own bets with us, as they too have won.

I know, i know there are a couple of questions your asking yourself….

1) How do we ever make money then?
2) I’m not a bookmaker, so how can i ever do this?

Well the answers are easier than you think……
Question 1 – Ok so we seem to give any winnings that we do make away to people who have placed their own bets with us, or vice versa. Actually this ok, as all we need to do is turn the “free bet” that the bookmaker has given us into money in our account that we can withdraw!
So lets have a quick example…..
Imagine we are given a free bet online with Bookmaker A. The deal is a £10 free bet and the bookmaker will even let us keep the free £10 stake if you win! Excellent!
Luckily the World Cup is on at the time and we can see that Germany are about to play Spain. We decide to bet Germany at 2/1.
Therefore, if Germany win we get:
(2 x Free Bet) + Free Bet

* Remember we add our Free Bet again as we get our Free Stake Back = (2 x £10) + £10 = £30But if they lose, we would currently end up with nothing and lose the Free Money that we could have gotten from the Bookmakers offer. In order to prevent this we now need to place a “lay bet” where we act as Bookmaker.

We decide to offer exactly the same odds to others online (2/1), in order to cover the previous bet that we just placed above. We want to “Lay” £10 of bets.

This now means that, if Germany lose the game our “back” bet above has lost, however our “lay” bet has won and all those people that placed their own bets with us lose their stake. Therefore if….

Germany lose:
We lose £10 (free stake) on our “back” bet at the bookmaker
We make £10 on our “lay” bet, as we do not need to payout because Germany lost

Result: We have now effectively transfered the Free Bet value into our separate account for Lay Bets, where we can easily withdraw it as we please.

Germany win:
We make £30 on our “back” bet at the bookmaker
We lose £20 on our “lay” bet where we acted as the bookmaker.
(We only lose £20 as the original stake that punters have placed with us makes up the difference)

Result: We have now placed a bet using our “Free Bet”, which means we have now qualified to withdraw our money from the Bookmaker account. We won £30 which we withdraw and we only need to payout £20 to our punters in our separate Lay Bets Account.

Don’t worry if your not following very well, it’s actually simple and you’ll pick it up! Remember to use our discussion page to ask any questions.

Question 2 – “Okay so that all sounds great but how am i ever going to act as bookmaker”. Actually it’s quite easy using a thing called a “Betting Exchange”. These are easy to setup and you can even get a free welcome bonus from them too. I’ll get to that!!

A betting exchange allows you to both place a “back” bet and a “lay” bet. This means that you can act like a bookmaker through them and they will match your “lay” bets with someone else who wants to place a “back” bet on the same event! Easy!!

Esports and CS:GO match betting.

Counter strike it is the one of the most oldest games which has it is own wide and large group of players and fans.  It is the sport, and always together with sport walks betting. CS:GO not an exception.

In different csgo match betting sites you can bet your money or loot. You start notice that the game begins to be more serious when real money starts to go into the game. Esports match betting is popular because of the huge variety of interesting tournaments which goes almost every month. The most popular tournaments are: Intel Extreme Masters; ESL Pro League; ESL One, Dreamhack etc.  So it is very important to choose the right csgo match betting sites, where your money will not be lost or stolen, and you will be able to get the biggest win due to your calculation and luck.

Where is to find the best site for CSGO match betting?

It is easy, at first you better just ask the several players, for sure someone is making bets and could advisee you the normal site. Also, you can visit the HLTV. On this site always available the information about all upcoming CS:GO games and also you can find there the list of Betting sites and the coefficients that they offer to this match.

We wish you good luck and warn you to play safely and responsibly!