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Opskins Review. – a huge marketplace of in-game items

We can surely state that this is the most popular CS:GO marketplace in the world. It can even be compared to Forex because you don’t have to play CS:GO to trade here. It’s enough to have trained analytical skills and a good intuition. Opskins is very similar to share and currency trading platforms.

opskins review

This is a site for trading skins from many games: CS:GO, TF2, Dota 2, Just Survive, H1Z1, PUBG, PayDay 2, Unturned, Rust, and Killing Floor 2. Also, the site contains a section with items from Steam Community, such as trading cards.

Lots of gamers sell something on OPSkins, creating a nice assortment. To sort items, use a convenient menu – for CSGO skins, it will filter different types of weapons, gloves, and keys. Other sorting systems will be activated after changing the game.

Opskins Buy Sell CSGO, H1Z1 PUBG Skins and Items

To become one of the traders, register through your Steam account or a special form on the site. Click the “Sell” button in the upper menu, choose items and then click the “Deposit Items” button. Set a price for every item, using auto-hints of the site.

OP Skins may become a source of revenue. It’s like opening your own shop, filling it with items, gotten from games. This site provides cashout to different systems, such as Skrill, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

The Release

Opskins was released in December 2014. Its domain registration date matches the start of its marketing activity.


Opskins is a trading platform for CS:GO skins users, so the prices are regulated by its users.

Please note that one of the recent platform rules forbids you to take part in the trading if your Steam account level is lower than 5. Keep that in mind before choosing this website.

In order to choose an optimum price for your item, we advise you to search through the website, look up prices for similar items and check the statistics which are conveniently provided by Opskins.

The following Opskins indicators will help you form the right price:

  • Skin’s lowest price;
  • Skin’s average price;
  • Skin’s price on Steam.

Always double check the commission and the final amount of money which will be delivered to your Opskins account. can help you to follow price dynamics.

Withdrawal Methods

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank card

Note that it can take up to 7 days for you to receive the money. This is due to the fact that all operations are checked manually in order to prevent scams.


The commission on Opskins is rather high. The platform explains it with its legal status. In Canada in-game items (CS:GO skins as well) trading is taxable. So, the website is taking a 10% fee of the regular users and 5% of its premium users. You can upgrade to a “premium” account for $5 a month. But it doesn’t stop there. There’s one more commission for withdrawing funds from your Opskins account. The platform takes 3% for PayPal and 1% for Bitcoin. All fees for withdrawing to bank cards are also paid by users.

Tech Support

The website uses a standard feedback form. You fill in the request about your issue and wait for a response. It may take from five minutes to eternity. We got our response in 5 minutes which is great. Still, it would be nice to have a 24/7 live online support.

Why Do We Trust Opskins

It’s the world famous platform proven to be 100% honest and secure. Customers are using this service for three years, and the Internet is filled with positive reviews. Opskins is one of the main sponsors of multiple eSport tournaments. It’s is broadly covered in gaming media and well known to a CS:GO community.

Target Audience of

The audience of the service grew to almost 17M visitors per month. Many of them are from the USA (15.27%), the UK (6.45%), and Russia (6.3%). Naturally, they like games, and also, they are interested in business. Just 4.51% of users came to opskin from social networks: YouTube (46.84%), Facebook (15.94%), Twitter (13.10%), VKontakte (10.96%).

Bonuses and Promotions

This site is so popular, that proposes no bonuses and promotions to its users, no free CSGO skins or other gifts.

Opskins doesn’t provide any common bonuses, but it allows sellers to promote their trade offer by placing it on the main page of the website, showing it in the firs results of the search, etc. The cost of promotion varies depending on the type of the campaign. Of course, such a popular platform would be incomplete without social media presence. You can enter Opskins CS:GO skins giveaways on its social media pages.

How To Trade

The interface is quite simple. However, due to a personal cabinet connected to a Steam account and trade offer promotions, some confusion may occur.

OPskins review

The Process

  1. Sign in using your Steam account;
  2. After logging in you will automatically receive an Opskins account which will allow tracking activity, contacting support, adding/withdrawing funds;
  3. After the successful registration to a trading page. Here you can see all your items eligible for a sale. Choose one of them to see its stats and select a price. Opskins will show you the commission amount and additional information;
  4. When ready to sell push “Deposit items” button. Confirm the transfer to a bot and wait for the result.

After the transfer, you can follow the activity of your item and change the price. Once the item is sold, you will receive a notification. The funds will be added to your account. Please note that you’ll have to pay a fee for withdrawing them from an Opskins account (we mentioned it above).


It’s always nice to use such a big marketplace, as, with lots of sellers and buyers. Of course, no one can guarantee success for you skin business here. But you can buy almost anything from game worlds. The site is available in many languages.

Opskins is the biggest CS:GO skins trading website. Millions of players all over the world trust it with their in-game items. It’s fairly easy to use, plus it allows to promote trade items. This platform will be interesting not only to CS:GO players but also to professional traders. The commissions are a little bit steep, but the amount and variety of items cover for it.

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