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Participate in a CS:GO Jackpot on this gambling site. RIPskins has an interesting name and attitude – its currency is called RIP and has a Christian cross in brackets. So, for some players, it is like sending their skins to a journey with no return. While for others, the site will be a source of many new virtual items for their Steam inventories. - CSGO Jackpot

The Jackpot here has rules, similar to many other such games – many participants put skins in one pot, and one of them, chosen randomly, takes them all (minus 6-8% of the service’s fee). On RIP skins, we can bet up to 10 in-game items with the total sum 2.50 RIP ($) at least – the platform gives prices on the base of the market situation. This prevents entering the game with many very cheap skins.

The more expensive your items in the pot are, the bigger your winning chances become. Knowing this principle, you can elaborate a nice gambling strategy. Of course, it won’t be 100% successful, because there are no such at all.
To join a round of the Jackpot, you should deposit skins first. Potential winnings will be withdrawn to your Steam inventory.

The CSGO gambling service is available in English and in German.

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