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The smarter place to sell your CS:GO skins and keys. CS:GO steam analyst lets you compare with steam and make sure you will get the best deal for your skins.

This site provides information about different CS:GO skins. It can be useful when you’ve decided to buy something for your powerful virtual battles and want to know everything about this item. - Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) Skins, DOTA2 Skins

CSGO analyst is tightly connected to the site, a marketplace of skins. That’s why many sections here propose to sort in-game items by the price on opskins, to see the best deals, and even buy a skin or prepare your trade there.

After clicking on a skin, you will see its average price and changes of its value during chosen periods of time. Users can compare up to 5 skins on one page, see prices on Steam, and get more detailed analytics inside of the Steam app. On csgoanalyst itself, you can find data about a particular weapon, such as its wear value and its origins.

Steam Analyst has a tool for inspecting accounts of players – see the inventory and even owned games. You can check the list of registered gamers or enter a user ID. In a similar way, Steam Inspect Links allow analyzing the data of a particular item.

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Most of the visitors of steam analyst are from the USA (16.82%), Germany (8.47%), and Russia (5.82%). They are interested in different sorts of games and the Internet technology.

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The site organizes Giveaways of free CSGO skins – a kind of raffle for those who will perform some simple actions.


Steamanalyst is a kind of encyclopedic site for enthusiastic gamers. Checking different items can help to imagine an in-game arsenal of your dream. The service supports only English. But it has the choice of currencies from many different countries.

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