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Best Trading bot sites

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Reviews of CSGO trade bot sites

Trade bots of different CSGO web-sites help gamers to exchange their in-game items automatically, getting skins of their choice. For example, you can exchange lots of cheap and common skins to one rare and expensive. Every CSGO trade bot works in a similar way – users see items in their Steam inventory and items in the chosen bot. To make an exchange, they need to choose skins of the equivalent value and just click the trade button.

Some sites have more than one bot, so during a csgo bot trade, gamers can change the bot for getting a new choice of skins. This becomes possible because after all the trading operations, skins remain in bots, waiting for those who will take them. So, different bots have different skins collections. Sometimes it will be clever to check bots of different sites to get really nice skins.

For letting CSGO bots making deals with accounts, gamers should put their trade URL on the relative site. Such services usually take some percent from every deal.

About CSGO or VGO trade Bot

As our community is well aware, trade bot sites is not and never has been a gambling website.

Skin Trade is an online CS:GO trading bot that lets you exchange your
unwanted CS:GO items for keys, skins or knives, safely and quickly.

Trade Bot sites is not affiliated with VALVE. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of VALVE or its licensors.

How Trade Bot Sites Works

1. Go your Steam Profile Privacy Settings (Profile > Edit Profile > My Privacy Settings) and be sure make “Public” your inventory.

2. Login to the trade bot site through Steam

3. Set your trade URL, if you did not do it already

4. Choose the items you would like to trade from your inventory, this will result in some items in the bots inventory being clickable.

5. Click on the big “TRADE” button between your and the bot’s inventory

6. Wait until the notification disappears from your screen and you will get the trade-offer with the items you would like to trade for on Steam

That’s it, simple as that! Enjoy your new items.

Some questions and answers about Trade Bot Sites

Q: I can’t see one, or more of my CS:GO items in my inventory on the site, why is that?

A: Your item probably has a trade cooldown for a few days, which is caused by if you bought it from the market in the last 7 days.
It should show up as soon as the trade cooldown is gone, otherwise go to our Steam Group for further support!

Q: Why does one or more item(s) say “Unavailable”?

A: We won’t accept that item, since it’s too low/high or unstable.

Q: Is this trading system safe?

A: Yes, it’s 100% safe! Due to the fact that our bots only send pure steam trade-offers, which you check from your trade-offers menu on your Steam profile before accepting.
This sites don’t store credits on the website or anything like that, because it would be a security risk.