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Trust dice Bitcoin Casino and free BTC ETH EOS USDT Faucet Review

Trust Dice is a refreshing casino making its way in the pure Bitcoin casino category. It has every element that would make Bitcoin gamblers happy: Great jackpots, and a multi-coin faucet, free spin bonuses, unique games and anonimity. Trust Dice is also one of the first casinos to accept EOS payments, opening up a market that has a lot of potential. Here are all the details about this wonderful brand.

Trustdice review

Another addition to the ever-growing stable of exciting Bitcoin gambling platforms. Trust Dice is a gambling platform using Trustless blockchain technology. The platform runs on smart contracts on the EOS blockchain making each aspect of the game completely transparent. It was developed by a group of blockchain and gaming veterans who are pushing the boundaries in the industry to build a better ecosystem for exciting offerings in the world of online Bitcoin gambling.

trustdice benefits

The casino is a pure cryptocurrency platform that also has its own token TXT which uses an innovative economic design to reward contributors to the Trust platform. The advantage of using TXT is that gamblers will be rewarded daily with up to 50% of the platform’s profits.

Everything that is important in online Bitcoin gambling is available on Trust Dice including custom-designed modern Bitcoin games that are provably fair, fast transaction methods, exhilarating jackpots, and a multi-coin faucet.

TrustDice Bitcoin Game Selection

Trust Dice offers its own exclusive range of games. Currently, there is a version of Dice and Crash with several other options on the way, including card games.


Players can place a bet on numbers 1 to 100. There is an under over bar and the Bitcoin gambler can set the risk they wish to take. Players are also part of an automatic draw with numbers 1 to 9999. >7% of the gross profit of the dice game is added to the jackpot pool. Jackpots are won when dice meet the following criteria:

Jackpot roll is 7777

Your dice roll is a winning roll

Your bet amount must be at least 0.0001 BTC or equivalent


One of the newest and most popular additions to the Bitcoin casino gambling fold crash is a simple game of guessing. Bets are placed and gamblers get to choose when to opt-out before the graph line crashes. Gamblers closest to the crash point with the biggest amount. The bets are subject to a progressive multiplier and all bets opted out before the crash will be multiplied by the relevant multiplier.

Trust Dice games have its own mining section. Every Bitcoin gambler gets mining power and the more mining power the more TXT is earned. The TXT earned generate passive Bitcoin and EOS. The amount of rewards available to each TXT holder is proportionate to the amount staked in relation to the total TXT staked.

Casino Games

Trust Dice recently added some casino games to their unique line up including Slots, Poker, Blackjack, baccarat, Roulette and Video Poker to complete its range of offerings to Bitcoin gamblers.

The maximum bet amount is 0.05BTC or equivalent.

The platform offers automatic betting which allows Bitcoin gamblers to use a strategy that reduces the risk of loss. The betting amount is set, and the platform will automatically adjust the bets for the following round.

Just like other pure Bitcoin casinos, TrustDice has it own proprietary games: A dice game and a game called crash. Within the dice game, players can place a bet on numbers from 1 to 100, with an over/under bar that allows them to set their preferences according to the level of risk they want to take. Within the same dice game, players get to participate automatically in a draw with numbers from 1 to 9999. If they hit 6666 on that automatic roll, then they win a huge jackpot.

The other game that TrustDice has is called Crash. This game is about guessing when the chart – that simulates the progression of an asset in cryptocurrency markets – will crash. Players just place a bet and allow the chart to progress until they choose to bail. The chart progression is a multiplier, and if a player bails before the “market crashes,” then they will multiply their bet by the multiplier that was on the chart when they bailed.

TrustDice Bonuses and Promotions

Like many other pure Bitcoin casinos, TrustDice has its own casino faucet. The faucet allows players to claim either BTC or EOS for free every 6 hours. This amounts to a recurring no deposit bonus that players always have access to.

Additionally, TrustDice promotes a model in which wagers are rewarded with TXT tokens. The more a player wagers the more TXT tokens they will get, and under this “wager-to-mine” model, TXT holders get a share of the casino’s profit periodically. Up to 50% of TrustDice’s profit is distributed among TXT token holders.

Trust Dice offers a First Deposit Bonus to its first-timers 100% up to 1BTC + 25 Free Spins.

The platform offers a faucet, Coinbox, which releases free Bitcoin/EOS every 6 hours, and should players use Bitcoin they will be awarded free spins.

Secondly, wagers are rewarded with TXT tokens. The more a player wagers the more TXT they will earn. TXT holders get a share of the casino’s profit periodically. Up to 50% of Trust Dices profit’s are distributed among TXT token holders.

Users that play Dice USDT/ETH/BTC/EOS to mine TXT, can use the mined TXT can to stake rewards such as BTC/ETH/USDT/EOS. It is a way to share in the profit of the platform.


The advantage of having a pure Bitcoin casino philosophy, allows players to withdraw all their funds quickly as soon as they are available to them. Players can circumvent traditional intermediaries that charge fees for withdrawals. This puts TrustDice in a category which they share with few other brands
Trust Dice accepts cryptocurrency allowing gamblers to deposit and withdraw instantly using BTC, EOS, ETH, TXT, TRYBE, USDT, BGG, VITA, UUU, PTI, OATH, PIXEOS, LYNX, NDX, MEETONE, TPT.

What cryptocurrencies can you play with at Trust Dice?
The great thing about Trust Dice is that you can play its games in a variety of popular cryptocurrencies.

In total, there are currently nine different cryptocurrencies that you can play with. The most popular are Bitcoin, EOS, USDT and Ether.

Which languages is Trust Dice available in?

At time of writing, Trust Dice is available in an impressive six different languages.

These languages are: English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese and Turkish.

We look forward to seeing additional languages added in the future.

Customer Service

TrustDice invested in top-notch customer service systems and trained its representatives well. As a result, players will get the highest quality of customer care in the industry. Customer care representatives are available on a 24/7 basis through live chat, email and social media channels.

TrustDice also has a telegram channel through which the company maintains an open channel of communication with its players, as well as a Twitter account, a Bitcointalk thread and a Medium blog to post about interesting developments.

Unique Features

Anonymity comes together with all the advantages that TrustDice offers to its players. There is no need to register with an email. Players just need to create their own user name and write it down so they have access to their account.


There is no doubt that TrustDice will succeed in the pure Bitcoin casino space. Its innovative faucet, along with its EOS gambling component and anonymity make this casino special. Plus its strong proprietary games are the cherry on top. There are few brands that can offer so much to their players. TrustDice is definitely a brand that is worth playing with.

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