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Welcome to the case opening site for CS:GO players – TryCases.Win!

TryCases.Win is a case opening website that allows CSGO players to discover new and powerful weapons and skins. The website offers a selection of cases from which you can choose one from random and keep the item recovered from it. Each case has a different price. Prices range from a few dollars to over a hundred dollars. - CSGO case opening site

During our review of TryCases, Steam had a message saying that it was a phishing website. Plus there were many negative reviews about the service. However, our unbiased suggestion to those who are interested in the website is to stay away from it for a while until website starts gaining a good reputation.

Pros of TryCases.Win:

Cons of TryCases.Win:

  • Bad reputation
  • Does not have support for multiple languages
Games available
Available bonuses
Overall rating
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