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Welcome to the upgrade skins site for CS:GO players –!

Upgrade your old skins, increase the value by 1-2% so a guaranteed improvement! is a CSGO upgrade gambling system that can up the value of your skin by 1.5x, 2x, 5x and 10x. So, you can for all intents and purposes upgrade your $2 skin with a $50 one. That said upgrading is a gamble, and you will win at random. Each try costs you points, so if your luck is good, you’ll end up with much more expensive skins than what it has cost you to try. Players need to sign-in with their Steam account credentials and then click on the skins they want to upgrade.

Upgrade Your Skins, CSGO Upgrader Skins - Upgrade.GG

Who does Upgradegg target?

Apparently, the target here are people who have been playing CS:Go for a long time and have an extensive inventory of low-value skins they want to upgrade. Statically speaking, the website is most popular in Turkey which is the source of 19.77% of the site’s traffic. That’s followed by other countries like Brazil and the United States which make up 13.36% and 10% of the traffic respectively, in addition to over a hundred other countries.

Special Bonuses and Credits

The only bonus offered by the website is to players who add in their username to get plus 8% of their credit. Some players get a discount if they signup via an affiliate’s link. Other than that, the company does not offer any bonuses.


We love the fact that has made it so easy for CSGO upgrade skins for players. What we don’t like is the lack of support for users, no special discount offers and assumingly hastily put together FAQs which is of no help. Though the system does provide players a genuine way to upgrade their skins and withdraw what they win.

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