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UpgradeCSGO Review. Welcome to the upgrade skins site for CS:GO players – UpgradeCSGO!

The website presents a very simple interface for players to upgrade their weapons. The cube on the top is where all the action is at on the website. From here you can choose a multiplier for the roll. Then you can choose to roll which is just another way of gambling your weapon. After the roll, it is just as possible to lose your item as it is to gain a significant upgrade. If you end up losing the roll, then you’ll also lose the item and not receive anything in return. - CSGO Skin Upgrade website

Withdrawing and using your upgraded item takes just a couple of minutes. However, technical issues are not entirely unheard of, and players can open a ticket if they don’t receive the item within 30 minutes.

Pros of UpgradeCSGO:

  • Easy to understand interface
  • Supports ten languages including Turkish, Spanish, etc.
  • You can withdraw items in mere minutes

Cons of UpgradeCSGO:

  • You are gambling items which means it’s possible to lose it
  • Not ideally suited for high-value CSGO weapons owing to the potential it can be lost
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