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CS:GO Auction Sites

Some of CS:GO skins are quite rare and expensive. Owners of such treasures have a possibility to sell them for real money, but many gamers prefer a kind of exchange – getting new interesting skins in return. They can do this instantly on CS:GO trade bot sites, or have patience and use one of CSGO auction sites.

The second variant may be much better for valuable skins. If you want to get the max from them, don’t go for offers of bots and wait to see how much will propose real people for your items.

Auctions of CS:GO skins become more popular nowadays. To make your experience with them secure and pleasant, the site publishes reviews of such services, describing their key features.

What are you ready to give for… AWP Dragon Lore?

The principle of any CS GO auction is quite simple. Someone creates an auction, putting skins in it. Others bid their items, trying to come up with the best offer. After some time, the creator of the auction may check all the offers and accept one, the best for him. The platform conducts the exchange process and gets its fee for the security guarantees.

It is always better to check the existing lists of auctions – maybe there already are items you want to get. In this case, don’t shy to make your offers! Items in your inventory may be exactly what the guy wants to get in return. Of course, greediness doesn’t help to win a CSGO auction (in fact, it doesn’t help with anything). So, be reasonably generous if you really are interested in a particular item. For example, don’t expect someone accepting your Five-SeveN Hyper Beast in exchange for AWP Dragon Lore…

Some auctions may allow making bids with real money or with special coins, gotten from skins depositing.