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Bet Types – Match Betting

Different Types of Free Bet – Match Betting Guide

There are many different types of free bet out there and many different ways in which you can qualify for them. This may seem a little confusing at first but actually it’s pretty simple once you get your head around them and how you should fill in the Match Betting Spreadsheet appropriately. Below are a couple of examples:

  • Free £25 bet when you place your first bet
  • Free £25 bet if your first bet loses
  • We’ll match your first bet up to the value of £25
  • Bet £5 and we’ll give you a free £10 bet
  • etc, etc, etc….
How to Place Bets
How to Place Bets

These are just a few examples of what you may see in many of the flashing ad banners around. Finding them is the easy part, once you’ve done that the next step is to take a quick look over the Terms and Conditions of that free bet. In the main they are generally all the same, only differing in a couple of conditions. We are however interested in a few things….

Terms & Conditions of Match Betting

What is the value of the Free Bet?


What type of bet is it?

Stake Returned
Stake Not Returned

How do we qualify for the Free Bet?

Register a New Account?
Register and Deposit a Minimum Amount?

What are the conditions we need to meet before we can remove our free bet?

Place any Bet?
Place a certain type of bet?
Place at least 3 bets?

Make money from Matched Betting

It may sound like things are getting complex but they aren’t don’t worry, you’ll quickly understand what type of bet it is and you can scan through terms and conditions in no time. They aren’t actually that long and as i mentioned earlier are generally all very similar.

The next couple of pages hope to help clear up a little confusion and give you a helping hand when trying to understand what you should do with each. Simply click on a page above to be taken to an explanation on how to complete the Match Betting Spreadsheet and a couple of tips on what types of odds to look for when completing the different types of offers.

The first bet is usually always the qualifying bet. Click here to proceed.