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Receive a 30% BONUS for your deposit Review is a brand new service that allows to trade your CS: GO skins automatically. Here you can exchange your skins for the skins which the website is offering. This way you can get some new stuff you have been waiting for in drops but never got lucky enough to score. The process of trading is very fast due to the usage of bots. It makes the transfer easy and smooth since you don’t have to negotiate with real people and wait for the best offer.

csmoney review

The Release

Please keep in mind that this service has just started posting reviews this year (January 2017). We completed a trial transfer, and it proved that the website works correctly. To be honest was available since June 2016 but there was no advertising. That’s why we assume that their team was testing it and fixing bugs before the official announce. This information can be checked at Ahrefs and SimilarWeb.


The analytical websites clearly show that the majority of users come from the USA. However, a smaller fraction of the visits is customers from Russia and Germany.

TOP 5 countries:

  • United States 23%
  • Germany 8%
  • Russian Federation 8%
  • Portugal 7%
  • Romania 7%


The prices of skins are determined by the service itself. Below you can see the grading and commissions of The first value is the price difference between Steam and of the skin you wish to trade. The second value is the price difference between Steam and of the skin you wish to receive from the website.

  • Keys: 101% | 106%
  • Knifes: 95% | 100%
  • Rare weapons: 95% | 100%
  • Weapons: 90% | 95%
  • Misc: 85% | 90%

Let’s use an example to clarify the process:

If you want to trade knife that is worth $100 on Steam, the service will value it at $92 by subtracting 8% ( 5% from the price + 3% commission). Nevertheless, the price of the skin you want to receive from will be equal to its price on Steam.

Keep in mind that the grading system also differs from Steam. Don’t be surprised if your StatTrak™ AK-47 | Elite Build will be marked as “weapons” and not the “rare weapons”. Its price will be lower accordingly.


The site takes a 3% fee from your CS: GO skin for its services.

Tech Support tech support is slower than we expected. Their contacts include an email, Steam, and Vkontakte (Russian social media platform) page. Unfortunately, we had to wait for an answer to our question for almost 11 hours on their Vkontkte page. Communication through Steam, on the other hand, was much quicker. So, if you’ll need any help – it’s much better to use Steam.

Why Do We Trust

We didn’t manage to find any reviews about on other services. However, on their pages in Vkontakte and Steam, there’s enough positive feedback to make sure it’s quite reliable. But more importantly, it’s difficult to get fooled on this site. You personally agree to a transfer and see your and websites skins before the transfer. In case skins don’t match and something feels strange you can just cancel the operation. There are no risks.

Bonuses And Promotions

The website itself doesn’t hold any promotions, but its Vkontakte and Steam pages often host giveaways of different CS: GO skins. We advise you to check out their pages from time to time not to miss out on these opportunities.

How To Trade Your CS: GO Skins

The interface of the service is very simple. It would be really hard to get lost or confused. Website’s filters allow to quickly and easily find the skins you wish to acquire. The whole process is pretty much automated.

The Process

  1. At first, you need to log into the website using your Steam account;
  2. Then on the left side of the display, you’ll find your inventory with skins, which can be exchanged. Note that some of CS: GO skins can be labeled “OVERSTOCK” or “UNAVAILABLE”;
  3. “OVERSTOCK” – means that there are too many skins of this type on the website already. It might take some time for the website to swap them with users. You can try to trade them again after some time.
    “UNAVAILABLE” – means that the item is not eligible for trade. explains that this type of low grade skins only take extra space on the platform which means less place for truly unique skins;
  4. Select the skin you want to swap. Now you can see its value and can either pick up the skin that you want to receive manually or use “Auto” button. In case you choose “Auto” the service will automatically select for you CS: GO skins of the same value;

csmoney review


Note that there’s a refresh symbol in the left corner of the skins list. Use it to see other skins available for your trade. Hit the “Exchange” button. After processing the transaction, you receive a trade offer in Steam from a bot. Carefully check if the information there is correct and confirm or cancel the exchange.

BONUS! If you add “” to your Steam nickname, you will receive a 1% or 2% discount on platform’s commission.

Pros and Cons

Great usabilityNo 24/7 support
100% secure3% fee
Trades fast


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