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Welcome to the opening cases site for CS:GO players – CSGOKingdom!


CSGOKingdom has been shrouded in controversy since its owned by McSkillet a famous YouTuber who has created a lot of CSGO related content prior to launch of the site. One of the stand out features of the service is its quick and easy withdrawal functions, compared to other unboxing websites. The website’s customer service is another star feature as they also have a live Discord channel. The channel is pretty established and frequented by many gamers.

CSGOKingdom - Open CS:GO cases

We also like the fact that the service displays the price prior to opening the case something that many people who use csgo case opening services have wanted. The prices of these boxes vary, and so you can choose the ones that you can afford.

Pros of CSGOKingdom:

  • Prices displayed before unboxing
  • Displays drop percentage on all boxes
  • Quick and easy withdrawal
  • A low deposit and withdrawal threshold at $2
  • Discord community is excellent

Cons of CSGOKingdom:

  • Has been shrouded in controversy
  • Referring people doesn’t earn you anything
  • Most of the boxes are expensive
Games available
Available bonuses
A daily free case for deposit upwards of $2
Overall rating
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