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Welcome to the skins trading site for CS:GO players – SkinsJar!

SkinsJar is an automated skin trading service. It enables players to trade in their old skins for new or better ones. All that’s required is to add the skins you want to trade and choose the ones you want. Once that’s done the system will automatically generate an offer which you can either accept or decline.

SkinsJar takes a great deal of hassle out of finding good skins to trade or players to trade with. Plus 24/7 support and availability of the website in 12 languages are an added advantage. The website is protected by Stream Guard which means that your personal information, as well as all your skins, are protected.

Pros of SkinsJar:

  • The easy to understand interface makes trading skins very easy
  • Trade your old skins and weapons with better ones
  • Start using your new skins right away
  • 24/7 customer support

Cons of SkinsJar:

  • At first, the system appears confusing
  • Does not have many high value or rare skins on offer
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