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Best VGO Gambling Sites in 2019

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What are VGO skins?

VGO skins are blockchain-based items designed for collecting and trading that can not be the subject of any trading restrictions or bans. VGO items reproduce the trading experience in popular games, but without burdensome trading restrictions or fear of the ban.

VGO skins is created by WAX All Access, and you need an WAX All Access account to get a tradeURL, and to accept the skins.

VGO skins can NOT be transferred to your Steam account!

Buy & Sell VGO Skins and Items

For the last years CS:GO gained a big popularity among gamers around the world. CS:GO gave to players the opportunity of enjoying by a big variety of riffle skins and every player wanted to get them. Therefore, parallel with this game, developed the industry of gambling.  Immediately appeared a lot of questions related to this industry: Does this not contradict to the rules of Steam community,  is it legal and is it safe?

We tried to find the answers for this questions.

List of Best VGO Gambling Sites in 2019.

Best VGO Gambling Sites, where you can bet and win VGO Skins:

How does it work – VGO Skins?

There are different types of skin gambling in CS:GO and VGO. The most popular are:  boxes opening,  VGO roulettes, VGO dices and match betting.

The box opening is a type of skin gambling where are available different cases that, depending on the name and content, has a different price.  For starting to play, gamer should pay a fee so he get the opportunity to open the case and get a game skin. Next, the will of the fortune and case, the player can either win some expensive weapon, a knife or gloves, or can pull out the skins of the industrial grade.

Roulettes and dices – type of gambling where often everything depends on the will of the case, site and server. The principle of operation is approximately next: player makes a deposit (often in the form of skins, but it also can be a money), the player’s chance of winning is proportional to the amount of skins he bet for the bet. The fact that the player exhibited the largest and most expensive amount of skins does not guarantee to win, it all depends on the will of the server or site.

Match betting – type of gambling where you bet your skins for different matches. CS:GO is a one of the most popular and favorite esport games among the users. There are almost everyday available matches where gamers can bet and place their skins. If they guess the winner they had an opportunity to win the new items.

Is it legal – VGO skins?

Those types of getting new skins are not very legal, although it does not directly contradict any laws. Gaming skins are not money or currency, it means there are no reasons for sites to get a special permission for conducting such activities. Valve and Steam community are standing against this industry, because they believe that it spoils the game and contradicts the rules of the community.  We now the cases which happened between professional e-sports teams when they made fake matches, in order to win money or game skins. Later, these players were severely punished by banning them from community.

Is it safe – VGO skins?

It is not safe at all. There are many gambling and dice sites which provides safety to their users but there many scams between them. Thieves making fake dice sites, where they enticing players to bet their skins but players are doomed to failure from the very beginning.

We wish you good luck and warn you if you play, to play safely and responsibly!