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Welcome to the crash site for CS:GO players –!

Cool and bright looking gambling website, where you have to sign in using your steam account to use the website.
This site may seem like a usual casino, but it has been made specially for CS:GO fans – to get coins for gambling here, you should deposit your skins. One coin of the CS GO Bounty system costs one Steam dollar. Click deposit, and the site will check your Steam inventory and will propose prices for your skins.

Then you can try your luck in a few games – the set is identical to those on most other CS:GO roulette sites. CSGOBounty has roulette – participate in game sessions every 20 seconds. In the Crash, you make bets on multiplying index, and if during the game it will reach the number of your choice, you’ll get a reward.

Csgobounty CSGO gambling

The Dice game allows choosing the win chance – the higher it is, the lower multiplier you get. There also is CSGOSweeper on the site. Open different sections, trying not to “step” on hidden mines. You can try to win a particular skin from the proposed list in the Raflle game.

Target Audience of this casino

A majority of visitors are from Russia (10.68%), the USA (10.34%), Turkey (7.80%). Most of them are interested in video games, computer software, and movies.

Bonuses and Promotions

You can get extra bonuses to your bets thanks to an affiliative system. Invited by you players get free coins, and you – a percent from their bets. Also, CSGO Bounty gives rewards for promoting the site on Steam and Twitter.


It’s nice to talk with other guys on the chat that support English and Russian. But the site itself is available only in English. Discounts, imposed on cheap items, may disappoint some players. There are some limitations on acceptable skins, on bets, and max payouts, but they sound quite reasonable.

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