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“Do you want to hit the movies or could eat some pizza, but the money is short? We will pay you for your skins in mere minutes.” – this line is taken from ad and it’s entirely true.

With no doubt, is a pioneer in its field. It was the first platform to start giving out instant payments for CS: GO skins. Before that, the standard scheme for skins marketplaces was only providing intermediary services. They simply allowed people to trade skins between each other and took commission from the deals. – sell skins and get real money almost instantly

Sell your skins instantly on You can sell CS:GO items in mere seconds, thanks to the automatic trading system that buys skins directly from you. Various withdrawal methods available. Also, cumulative bonus system and referral program won’t leave you indifferent.

This site is ready to buy most of the skins from your inventory and pay for them with real money. The service accepts items from a few games: CS:GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. | Sell CSGO Skins

It’s easy to sell csgo skins here – login with your STEAM account and you will see the list of available items. A special filter will show only those skins, which accepted for buying by the system. You can’t sell here some unpopular items or those with unstable prices.

Choose what you would like to sell and after a few easy steps you’ll get money in a convenient for you way – skins cash provides payouts to different online services, directly to bank accounts and cards. You can even get your money in cryptocurrencies!

The Release was released in June 2016. It’s the date when the first activity on the website has started. This information was taken from Ahrefs and SimilarWeb.

Target Audience of

The site is popular among Russian gamers (19.75%), then follow visitors from Poland (8.45%), and the United States (6.97%). Some of them came from social networks (16.47%), mostly from YouTube (91.21%). Those, who want to sell skins, are interested in all sorts of games and also in entertainment.

To this date, the website has almost 200,000 successful transactions. Their number and money amount can be seen on the digital running stripe placed on the main page. These statistics provide with more credibility.


Prices are determined by the website automatically. There’s a filter which shows which skins are qualified for the sale. Some skins may not be eligible for trade. This is due to the settings of the filter. If an item is popular among CS: GO users and its price is stable, there’s a good chance that will buy it from you. But if the skin is disliked by the community or has an unsteady value, the platform will avoid it. By doing so, insures itself from possible price speculating frauds. Don’t worry if your item didn’t qualify for a sale, try once more in a few hours. Until that time the filter might change its settings.

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Withdrawal Methods offers several options to withdraw money to your wallet or bank card:

  • Money
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • QIWI
  • Your cell phone number
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Sberbank
  • PrivatBank

As usual, in case you choose the bank card method, there might be a delay for up to 5 days. This is due to the bank’s internal regulations that make a transaction more secure. Still, you can contact your bank at any time and ask about the activity on your account. All other payment methods are instant and take time ranging from 5 to 15 minutes.

Commission does not charge any fees for its services. Moreover, the site itself covers all fees when transferring money to your wallet or bank card.

Bonuses and Promotions

This site proposes a super nice Giveaway – every week you can win free CSGO skins. To do so, get as many entries as you can by accomplishing simple tasks, such as sharing the giveaway post on Facebook, or just by selling skins to the service.

The website constantly holds promotions and giveaways. Once we even saw an additional 10% bonus to the price of your skin. But usually, it’s 3% or 5% which is still great. Besides promotions, there’s also a loyalty program. By selling your skins to regularly you can earn a permanent 10% bonus. Please note that loyalty program bonus and promotions don’t sum up, so, for example, you can’t get 20% by adding them up. Only the highest bonus will work.

Tech Support

It’s definitely worth mentioning that the website has 24/7 live online support available in a chat window in the bottom left corner of the screen. Also, has a big social media community where you can ask its members about their opinion on the service.

Why Do We Trust

Besides a large social media community where we have double-checked our opinion, there’s also a Trustpilot service which awarded with 9,7 trust rank. It is very high considering that Trustpilot is a strict service which doesn’t allow deleting or hiding negative reviews. By the way, there are a few of those too, but let’s be honest – we all have our bad days.

How To trade interface is incredibly simple and won’t cause any confusion. We have sold our skins to check the process personally and are completely satisfied with the result.

skins cash

The Process

  1. Sign in using your Steam account (it’s important to make your inventory visible for others in your Steam account settings);
  2. Choose an eligible for a trade skin you want to sell (the final sum must be over $1);
  3. Choose the payment method (we picked Paypal);
  4. Push “Get Cash Now” button;
  5. Follow a few more simple instructions from the website and wait for your money.
    Our funds arrived in 3 minutes. We consider it an awesome result!

Pros and Cons

Instant paymentsNo shirp
100% secure
Pioneer in its field
24/7 live online chat support
Great usability
Very good Trustpilot rating


This site is just a godsend for enthusiastic gamers – sell csgo skins and items from other games, get money really quickly, just in a few minutes, and do with them whatever you want! You’ll have lots of payouts methods here. This platform is available in 11 (!) languages. The support here works 24/7, helping users to solve any problem.

A really simple interface, instant payments and the absence of fees make a perfect choice for people, who need money right away. Great Trustpilot’s ranking ensures the positive credibility of the platform.

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