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CSGOUpgrader Review. Welcome to the upgrade skins site for CS:GO players – CSGOUpgrader!

CSGOUpgrader helps players quickly upgrade their weapons in a matter of seconds. The website boasts of an easy to understand interface coupled with a ticket based support system. Players need deposit their skins and then click the upgrade box. A transaction takes around a second and players can withdraw the upgraded skins right away. - Double your skins

While skins are upgraded quickly in a matter of seconds, there is always a chance you’ll lose the skin too. You’d lose a skin if the upgrade failed. The csgo upgrade is at random and does not have a multiplier like other similar websites.

Pros of CSGOUpgrader:

  • Click and upgrade in mere seconds
  • Easy user interface
  • Upgrades can be withdrawn right away

Cons of CSGOUpgrader:

  • No multiplier choices
  • Can’t choose a weapon to upgrade over to
  • No multilingual support
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