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Heads or tails? Pick the right side and you will win big! Coin flip is a simple premise, there is a 50/50 chance you will get it right.

There is no strategy, no rules, only the whim of lady luck.

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Counter Strike is a revolution game which changed the whole imagination about computer games. It is has a specific gameplay which made it one of the first games of a cybersport discipline. Counter Strike:Global Offensive is the latest version of CS. It has the same gameplay as other parts of CS, has better computer graphic but the main feature is providing of skins.

Skins – means the coloring of a game weapons.  Players has a possibility of getting them from the game in a such ways:

  1. Skins could be got at the end of a match.
  2. From opening cases

Getting skins by this ways are very rarely process.  You need to spend a lot of time for getting something.

There are several another ways of getting skins:

  1. Trade them with other players.
  2. Gamble them on the CS:GO gambling websites.

Today, we want to talk about second way of getting them – CS:GO gambling websites. One of the most popular kind of gambling sites are CS:GO coin flip websites.

We tried to find the answer of how join coin flip sites, its legitimacy and safety of such sites.

How to join CS:GO coin flip websites and how to play on them?

First of all, you need to choose one on which you will play. There are a huge amount of sites where you can play, Internet is full of advertises of such sites. After you choose another one, you should make an authorization on it. It is enough to have a steam account. Specify the current link for exchanges in the Settings section. Choose the skins from your inventory and deposit them.

In the round of this mode, only 2 players participate with equal amount of their bet. You can create your own game or join an already created game. The winner will receive his bet and deposited loot of the second player. The winner is determined by the site in a random way, each player’s chance to win is 50%.

How coin-flip usually works?

The site gives to points-tickets (Each skin in inventory has its own price on the Steam market). For example: your  skin has a price of $ 1, you will get 100 points. And with a skin price of $ 100, you get 10,000 points etc.

Legitimacy and safety of CS GO coin-flip sites.

For providing such activities it is not necessary to have a special license. Gaming skins are not money or currency, it means there are no reasons for sites to get a special permission for conducting such activities. Valve and Steam community are standing against this industry. There are many cases when Valve and Steam ban Coin Flip sites bots. So you always should be cautious.

Be aware of scummers. Do not add unfamiliar profiles, do not press on the links which they send to you. Remember that administration of such sites never writes to you first.

We hope that this article was useful for you. Good luck!